Marketing Maps & Management

ZIP Code Maps Provide Actionable Market Insights clients use our maps, up-to-date demographics and consumer and business mailing lists to enhance
and streamline their marketing efforts.
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Know Where Your Customers Come From
Know Where

Your Customers Come From
Overlay your customers on a ZIP Code map to gain insights about where
they are coming from and what markets you're missing out on.
Know Who Your Customers Are
Know Who Your Customers Are
Add demographics to your ZIP Code map to get a better understanding of
what types of people your customers are. Look at supplemental
reports with more demographic variables, psychographics and
consumer expenditure data.
Target Your Customers
Target Your Customers

More Effectively
Target your direct mail to the neighborhoods most likely to respond
using our postal maps. Even focus down to the household level with
our targeted consumer and business mailing lists.
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